Graduate of the famous Louis Lumiere cinematography school in Paris, Thomas is a creative producer, scriptwriter, and director specialized in new immersive technologies. He first starts as a cinematographer, and soon focus on immersive technologies. He becomes a stereographer and a 3D consultant for companies like BINOCLE and ANGENIEUX.
In 2012 he joins the Virtual Reality department at DV group, which will soon grow to be the biggest VR studio in France. He works as a VR Supervisor for interactive or narrative experiences (for Redbull, Dior, Renault, Chivas…) then becomes Head of Immersive content in the newly created original content production department in 2016. DVgroup original content production includes ALICE the virtual reality play, The Real Thing, Being an astronaut, The Horrificallly Real Virtuality…
He is creative director and co-founder of DIGITAL RISE, a new media development lab for new talents. His awards include stereography excellence (The Builder’s Challenge, Gabin), best VR experiences (GMF, La tentation de Saint Antoine, The Real thing, Jailbirds), best VR stereography (Mechanical Souls) and best Immersive (Mandala : A Brief Moment in Time). He is a teacher and lecturer in stereography and VR.

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