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Pierre Zandrowicz is a film director with a passion. He works at the crossroads of technology, theatre, art, and film. Every new technological step is considered, examined, tested and, if viable, adopted and used. His most recent works include the film, "Ex Anima", made with Bartabbas, and shot in stereoscopic 360. It was produced by Arte and MK2. His immersive films, “I, Phlip” and “Alteration” made in 2016 and 2017 were both co-produced with ARTE France and hold several nominations and awards from around the world. Alteration specifically was a finalist at Tribeca 2017, and winner at Raindance, Sitges, and the Paris Virtual film festival 2017. His recent project, “The Dawn of Art,” released publicly in February 2020, examines the Grotte Chauvet, a UNESCO World Heritage list of protected sites. This was made with the partnership of Google Arts & Culture.


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