Stéphane Landowski
Gaël Cabouat
We have been working together for ten years now. Over the years, we have created more than sixty short films, four feature films, and three documentaries: Stéphane, writing and supporting projects during the writing phase, and Gaël, taking over at the production level.
Our creative duo shares the same passion and demand for quality, as well as unmatched complementarity. Stéphane, with his background in history and art history, finds great satisfaction in using his screenwriting skills to contribute to new, innovative, and unifying cultural projects. Meanwhile, Gaël's skills in imagery and direction add strength, coherence, and vision to the team.
Motivated by our desire for exploration and passionate about the frontier of new narratives, we have decided to channel our creativity and knowledge into these new immersive formats that revolutionize the relationship to culture. By inviting the viewer to embody the narration, we aim to create a truly engaging experience.
Creators of unique, ambitious, and public experiences, we are currently working on virtual reality projects and immersive and museum installations with Small Creative, Gédéon Programmes, and the RMN-Grands Palais.