KIM Yong Ho


Photographer Kim Yong-ho creates mysterious and surreal images by crossing the boundaries between commercial and fine art, forming a 'photolanguage' and communicating with the public through various works. He has tried various advertising and portrait photography and served as the president of the Korean Fashion Photographers Association. Along with his fashion (Vogue, Bazaar, Elle) and advertising photography, his artistic works such as '피안(연)’, ‘매화’, '몸(대림미술관)', '신여성(모단 걸)' are also attracting attention. The 'Famous Artists of Korean Culture and Art' exhibition, which uses only facial expressions and hand gestures, began with Nam June Paik and Seo Bo Park, and continues with Lee O Young. He has worked on corporate images that create new values for companies, such as Hyundai Card's ‘Elegant Life’, Hyundai Motor Company's ‘절차탁마, 브릴리언트 마스터피스’, KT's ‘Beautiful New World’, LG Electronics' ‘Made in Changwon’, and directed the movie de Vermis Seoulis.

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<Exhibition History> 2023 〈de Vermis Seoulis〉 Seoul 2023 〈Yeoju International Photo Exhibition YIPF 2023〉Yeoju Art Museum 2023 〈MADE IN CHANGWON : M623GNN392〉 Changwon Convention Center 2022 〈XR Lab: Shin Yunbok X Beauty Pageant〉Ulsan Art Museum 2022 〈Seoul Dance Film Festival: Water Station〉 ArtNine, Seoul 2022 〈Art and Industry〉 Ulsan Art Museum 2022 〈MADE IN CHANGWON : M623GNN392〉 Moss studio, Seoul 2022 〈UNCOMMERCIAL: Commercial Photo of Korea, 1984 years later〉 Ilmin Art Museum, Seoul 2022 〈目前心後 – Afternoon with Modern Boy〉 Leica camera, Cheongdam, Seoul 2021 〈This is Fashion Photography 2021〉 Canon gallery, Seoul 2021 〈Jeonnam International Ink Biennale〉Unrim Mountain Room, Jeollanam-do 2021 〈Pian x A feast of lacquer> La Mer gallery, Seoul 2021 〈Digital detox : ASMR Healing Box> Hello Museum, Seoul 2020 〈Pian 展〉 Helio Art, Seoul 2018 〈Gwangju Design Biennale HUMANITY : modern boy〉 Gwangju Biennale Exhibition Hall 2018 〈SAVE the BLACK dog〉 Platform Changdong 61, Seoul 2018 〈Art collaboration : Golden Art〉 KOTRA, Seoul 2018 〈blow blow blow〉 SMT, Tokyo 2017 〈Gwangju Design Biennale special exhibition : 4th Media Art, Post Human〉 Gwangju Museum of Art 2017 〈blow blow blow〉 Haevichi Hotel, Jeju 2016 〈modern boy Artist Collaboration〉 Corner Art Space 2016 〈Light from the East: Movement in silence, its beauty〉 Wesleyan University, United States 2015 〈Seoul Photo Festival : Dream of Seoul〉 Seoul City Hall Citizens Hall City Gallery, Seoul 2015 〈Traditional craft, Add Design : modern boy〉 Ghana Insa Art Center, Seoul 2015 〈Modern boy public art> Gazewul New town SK VIEW PARK, Art Center, Navi 2015 〈Hyundai Motors brilliant masterpiece〉 Berlin 2015 〈Hyundai Motorsbrilliant memories〉 DDP, Seoul 2014 〈Identity : modern boy〉 Force Gallery, Beijing 2014 〈Art Edition Photo Special exhibition Kim Yong Ho〉 the Seoul Arts Center Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul 2014 〈Korean Buddhism 120 years Korea's Intangible Heritage Relation 展 : modern boy〉 Paris mare 2014 〈CIGE 2014〉 China National Convention, Beijing 2014 〈2014 Seoul Luna Photo Festival : modern boy〉 Seoul 2014 〈Art and Fashion : Modern Art, walk down the runway〉 Seongnam Cube Museum of Art, Gyeonggi 2014 〈Art Hamptons〉 New York 2014 〈Art Toy Culture Seoul 2014〉 DDP, Seoul 2013 〈Development of craft products project : Relation 展〉 COEX, Seoul 2013 〈Bag Stage 展 Bag is Psychology〉 gallery 0914, Seoul 2013 〈Hyundai Motors brilliant masterpiece 展〉 Beyond Museum, Seoul 2013 〈Dream Society 展〉 Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul 2013 〈Wing 展〉 Isang's House, Seoul 2013 〈Pian 展〉 Asia House, London 2012 〈Elegant life : Hyundai Card Commercial Photo Exhibition〉 Ryuhwarang, Seoul 2012 〈Encounter(s)〉 Seoulpage Gallery, Seoul 2012 〈Encounter(s)〉 SZ Art Center, Beijing 2011 〈Korea Culture : Meet Korea with 6 Photographers 展〉 Aram Art Museum, Gyeonggi 2011 〈Seoul Design Festival: Pian 展〉 COEX, Seoul 2009 〈Cinderella Photo Exhibition〉 the Seoul Arts Center, Seoul 2008 〈mom 展〉Tha-san-z noon gallery, Beijing 2007 〈mom 展〉 Daerim Art Museum, Seoul 2003 〈A story of sharing beautiful people〉 Gongpyeong Art Center, Seoul 2003 〈Exhibition of Korean Culture and Arts Masters〉 Star Tower, Seoul