John HSU


John Hsu is interested in digital culture, comedy and sci-fi films, with a fun and satirical sense of humor. With his interest in social technology, he has also been exploring trans-media storytelling, by building his machinima production group AFK Pl@yers. To challenge conventions even further, his most recent creations are the VR comedy shorts, Your Spiritual Temple Sucks, which was officially selected by Sundance Film Festival New Frontier 2018, and Great Hoax, an animation VR interactive project. Working with a humorous approach to social commentary in mind, he has been creating work that resonates with the cyber generation. In 2018 he starts working on a feature film, an adaptation of an internationally distributed Taiwanese Indie Game, Detention, which will release Sep 2019


Great Hoax, VR, Interactive animation, In Production 2019 VENICE GAP-FINANCING MARKET
Detention, Feature Film, In Post-Production Adaptation of a well known Taiwanese Indie Video Game.
Your Spiritual Temple Sucks, VR, 10 min, 2017 2018 First Prize Award - INCEPTION & KALEIDOSCOPE ONLINE VR FILM FESTIVAL 2018 Best Innovative Storytelling - World VR Forum 2018 Official Selection - Sundance Film Festival
The Great Escape From Café City, HD, Short film, 2013 2014 Rotterdam International Film Festival 2014 Short Shorts Tokyo International Short Film Festival
Intoxicant, 35mm, 26min, short film, 2008 2009 Rotterdam International Film Festival 2009 Nominated for Best Fiction Film at Golden Harvest Award 2009 In Competition at Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival

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