Hye Yeon LEE, Seung Hyun JUNG, Han Gyeol JO


LEE, Hye Yeon (이혜연) Hyeyeon Lee graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual & Media Design. She is interested in Media Art and Experience Design. In particular, she submitted a thesis for a project related to a playful experience in a museum and was registered in the KCI. And she is currently studying for a master's degree in Art & Technology at Sogang University. Using Unity and Unreal Engine to design VR and researching AI on user experience and Meta-sensation.
JUNG, Seung Hyun (정승현) Bachelor's degree in English Literature and Art & Technology. Currently a graduate school student studying Art & Technology at Sogang University. Creates various types of art including virtual reality programs, interactive sketches, music, poetry, and more. “A digital flâneur,” a writer of both automatism and reason.
JO, Han Gyeol (조한결) I am an educator for out-of-school youth and low-income students as well as a creative director and researcher in the field of art and culture. At the same time, participating in the master's course in Major of Media Art and Technology at the Transmedia Storytelling Group of the Department of Art and Technology at Sogang University. I am participating in various activities by thinking about how art and technology can help society, and my main interest is issues related to minorities. I am seeking cultural and artistic ways to visualize and help the voices of marginalized people, mainly refugees and queers. To this end, focusing on issues such as inclusiveness, social design, and empathy and participating in various projects related to them. In addition to this, I am participating in works that cross various topics such as virtual reality, music, performance, archive, environment, and the elderly.