CHO Eun Woo


Majoring in visual arts, Cho graduated from OCAD University in Toronto and completeda graduate program at SVA New York City. Later, she received her MPhil/Ph.D. in art and philosophy at IDSVA. Upon arrival in Korea, she presented artworks related to brainwaves, attempting to introduce this new art theme and expand her artistic repertoire. Cho participated in numerous art exhibitions and fairs: Daejeon Arts and Science Biennale, Indonesian National Museum of Art, Korea-ASEAN Korean media artists invited, ACC National Asia Culture Center, Reina Sofia National Museum Spain, Madrid, LesRencontres Internationales Paris, Beaux-arts de Paris, and the Korean Cultural Center NewYork and Los Angeles. More recently, she displayed her works at the 21st Korean Science, Seoul Museum of Art, Platform L, and got involved in the Seoul Foundation for Arts andCulture’s Seoul Power Station Project.

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