Arjanmar H. REBETA


Arjanmar H. REBETA is a recipient of "Harvest of Honors" Award for Cinema by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, Film Ambassador by Film Development Council of the Philippines, and Indie Bravo Award by Inquirer Philippines. He is an alumnus of Ricky Lee Film Scriptwriting Workshop, Film & Media for Human Rights Advocacy Workshop and the Mindanao Screen Lab. His short films include Palabas (A Country in Moving Pictures), Super-Able, Viral Kids, My Father is an Astro-Not, The Complicated Dance to the Wheel of Life, A Boxing Country, among others. His short film Palabas (A Country in Moving Pictures) was nominated at the 42nd Gawad Urian for the Best Short Film. It was also nominated at the 35th PMPC (Philippine Movie Press Club) Star Awards for Movies for Short Movie of the Year & he was nominated for the Short Movie Director of the Year. Best Director at 7th Hak-İş International Short Film Festival (2018 – Turkey), Silver Award at the 25th ifva Award (2020 – Hong Kong), Signs Award at 17th Festival International Signs of the Night (2019 - Germany), Best International Short Film at Short Film Festival on Cultural Diversity and Peace (2019 - Bangladesh), Best Film at 15th Mini Film Festival (2019 – Malaysia), Best Film at Active Vista Short Film Competition (2018 - Philippines), Grand Jury Prize at the 5th Festival Internacional de Cineminutos de Córdoba (2021 - Argentina), Jury Prize at the 6th Salamindanaw Asian Film Festival (2018 – Philippines), Best Short Dramatic Film & Best Short Documentary at «LAMP» International Film Festival (2017 & 2019 respectively - Russia), Best of the Fest at Inspired Faith Film Festival (2016 - USA), Best Short Film at ANPUD Short Film Competition (Thailand- 2019), Best Experimental Short Film at Dolgoji Experimental Shorts (2019 - Seoul, South Korea) and Best Documentary Film at 3rd Asia Peace Film Festival (2019 - Pakistan).

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