Within the scope of the 50th anniversary of the UNESCO and its famous World Heritage Listing, Agnès discovered Egypt and started rubbing shoulders with archaeologists. She then directed several movies for the TV channel France 3 in Egypt as well as in Petra, Jordan. Her passion allowed her to create and direct a first 30x26’ series for ARTE, titled “Sur nos Traces” which retraces the history of France from the paleolithic times to the Middle Age, based on the archaeological discoveries made on French territory. A second 30x26’ ARTE series titled “Enquêtes archéologiques” then led her to travel around the world to highlight the latest discoveries that cast a new, original light on the greatest sites of the World’s Heritage. Agnès also supervised the making of 90-minute docu-dramas for the TV channel France 5 such as “Schnidi, le fantôme du néolithique”, “Dans les pas des Nabatéens”, which she co-directed, and, for ARTE, “Les Champollion”, “Empire inca : un géant se dévoile”, as well as historical movies such as “Napoléon-Metternich : le commencement de la fin” and “Napoléon, la destinée et la mort”. It’s now been a few years since anthropology became a new field of filmmaking for Agnès. She has already produced and directed three series for ARTE: “Rituels du monde” in 20x26’, “Terres de femmes” in 5x52’ and “Vivre”, also 5x52’, which is still in the making.