Beyond Reality

We found ourselves residing in a time where boundless imagination manifests into a tangible reality as the once distinct boundaries dividing the physical and virtual worlds are dissolving. Within this dynamic landscape, we can have more immersive experiences in movie theaters through the marvels of 3D and 4D film technologies and enjoy various social connections and game-like narratives in metaverse spaces, regardless of space constraints and the threat of infectious diseases. XR has also fundamentally changed how technology interacts with media and opens up new possibilities to create more malleable and lifelike worlds of storytelling. The emergence of new and talented creators and their masterful creations is a testament to the promise of XR.
When we face XR content, it remains crucial to not only keep an eye on the advancements in presentation and communication/interaction but to place greater emphasis on how the narrative is constructed and how the audience contributes to completing the narrative. Storytelling is one of the most influential and effective communication tools we've used for centuries. It serves as a vessel to present our experiences, understand the world, and seek significance in our lives, fostering connections, empathy, and a deeper understanding of others. For narrative creators, the advent of XR is a new challenge, disrupting conventional methodologies. However, with the hope that many creators and audiences will witness the transformative shifts in storytelling techniques, the rapid evolution of technologies, and the boundaries within them from various perspectives, 'Beyond Reality' will present a selection of XR content garnering attention at home and abroad.
The XR section of the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, Beyond Reality, has been a perceptive observer of the skills utilized in the storytelling creation process that integrate new media technologies and the art of crafting interactive and intricately layered narratives. Beyond Reality strives to present a new paradigm to explore the integration of virtual reality into performances, ranging from immersive and real-life experience content to virtual reality creations that experiment with various interactive possibilities. This paradigm seeks to examine how the traditional way of watching films is being expanded through new approaches.

Beyond Reality

The eighth edition of Beyond Reality, Asia's leading XR immersive exhibition, Beyond Reality, will showcase remarkable works that have achieved significant acclaim at home and abroad. Alongside this captivating exhibition, the festival will host the BIFAN XR TALK, where curators from leading film festivals in the XR industry who have been taking the lead in research, technology development, and narrative content creation to build an XR exhibition platform will gather to share their knowledge, ignite imaginations, and explore trends in the XR industry. In addition, the festival presents a unique opportunity to delve into diverse thematic experiences, including sections dedicated to natural science, science fiction, and the environment, sponsored by the Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science & Creativity. Complementing these showcases, special booths in collaboration with the Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation will feature immersive content that will surpass the audience’s expectations, reflecting the direction of the content and its accomplishments so far. This year, the exhibition and XR Talk will not only embrace the essence of XR but transcend its conventional boundaries, featuring augmented reality, immersive performances, games, digital art, and an array of others offering 'Beyond Reality' and more, and will be presented to the world at Bucheon Art Bunker B39, the epicenter of Bucheon's new culture.
Beyond Reality Schedule
Date    June 30(FRI) 10:00-July 9(SAT) 20:00
from 10:00-16:00 on Saturday, July 9
Venue  Bucheon Art Bunker B39

Beyond Reality Official Selection

More than 30 works will be showcased to unveil the latest trends in XR content from around the globe, offering opportunities to appreciate works by section, including Beyond Stage, where the audience can participate in an immersive performance in real time, and Beyond Science, which focuses on science and science fiction, and the Quebec Special.

Beyond Science*

Continuing its tradition, Beyond Reality proudly presents Beyond Science, a section on science, science fiction, and the environment, with the Korea Science and Creative Foundation's ‘one of projects .’ In particular, the work featuring the story of wildlife conservation will show how conservation science works and how it directly affects human lives. Humans, nature, and science are in inseparable connection, and this intricate relationship continues to produce curiosity-stimulating content through many platforms. Please stay tuned for more. *This program is funded by the Science and Technology Promotion Fund and the Lottery Fund and is supported by the Ministry of Science and ICT and the Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science & Creativity, contributing to the development of science and technology and promoting social values in Korea.

Special Booth by Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation, Poet's Room and Mudong

In order to enhance the experience of acknowledging the value of cultural heritage, Special Booth by Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation invites the audience to enjoy two brilliant works created with XR technology, offering compelling stories rather than merely presenting the information. This special section is to highlight the positive role of the Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation's support and efforts in the XR industry. Two VR films will meet the audience; The Poet's Room, selected for competition at the Venice Film Festival, features the life of poet Yoon Dong-Joo. Mudong presents the old love story of Makdong , a mudong(dancer) of Korea's first modern National Theater from the Joseon Dynasty, Hyup-Ryul-Sa.


Masterclasses, workshops, and artist talks will feature the analysis of the XR industry’s current state and pressing issues. Masterclasses by creators of convergent-immersive performances that break down the boundaries between audience and actors, as well as audience and stage to provide a new spatial environment, and case studies by XR content creators and artist talks are ready to meet the audience