K.O.P. 32


Intertwining music genres and coming from an audio engineering background, K.O.P. 32 has sculpted his own sound identity for the past few years.
K.O.P. 32 loves to create rich and textured atmospheres with precise drums grooves and rich sound design. Layer upon layer, organic compositions materialize into music that feels .
The Parisian born but Seoul based released on underground dance labels such as Hard Beach Entertainment, unveiling him as an expert of trance inducing breakbeat, or renowned classic electro Craigie Knowes, with music that both stays fresh and original whilst maintaining an old-school vibe.  His records have become some of the most sought after by exigent DJs and selectors.
K.O.P. 32 is always challenging himself, launching his own label “Beyond the Bridge” in 2021 with vinyl and tape releases that study faster BPMs and experimental compositions evidencing his deep rooted eclecticism.

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