DJ 에모시


에모시는 펑크/디스코 음악을 들으며 자란 프랑스-인도네시아 프로듀서이자 DJ로 헤비일렉의 영향을 받아 서울 전역에서 유쾌하고 에너지 넘치는 디제잉을 선보이고 있다.
EMOSI is a French-Indonesian international Music Producer and DJ. Having grown up all over the world, with a lot of his childhood years spent in Asia where he first started performing as a DJ at a young age. EMOSI’s music is a blend of modern electronic and simple emotional motifs. His music is a personal collage of various musical inspirations that he finds on a daily basis. In 2018 he officially embarked on his music journey after signing with Louder Management and immediately made a splash by pro.

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