Astrid KAHMKE (Virtual Worlds)

Immersive Festival in the World: Virtual Worlds

Virtual Worlds is a festival which contributes to the European XR ecosystem with continuous workshops and industry programs.
When it comes to festivals, it is essential to have strong sponsors and for Virtual Worlds, a powerful support from the Bavarian government has made its launch back in 2019 in collaboration with Munich Film Festival.For 2020 edition, it was postponed to the later and then canceled due to COVID-19 pandemic but, they are already preparing for a better 2021 edition.
Through this video introduction by Astrid Kahmke, Festival Director of Virtual Worlds, we can see their challenge to the unknown field of XR and their partners/sponsors who dare to take down the road and their ongoing mission and challenge. Maybe you can get the sense of “What does festival as a “platform” in the field of XR industry?”
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