Christine Saab/Leto Meade (CO-DIRECTORS): Seeds of Life was co-directed by Christine Saab and Leto Meade. Christine works across documentary film and virtual reality. Half Japanese and half Lebanese, much of her work explores themes of belonging and connection in the foreground of a rapidly changing world. Leto is a multimedia animation director. His work is often surreal and pushes the boundaries in combining various forms of animation and media. Having worked together in the past, Leto and Christine have found a shared interest in connectivity and the natural world. They are both currently based in the UK. Both graduates of the National Film and TV School, their films have been screened around the world.


Death of The Gods – Short Animation, 2022, Director Seeds of Life – Short VR Immersive Experience, 2021, Co-Director The Fishman – Short Animation, 2020, Director Losing the Sponge – Short Animation, 2018, Director Water Moves – Short Animation, 2017, Director

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