Alex Sunju PARK

MFA Hongik University, Film Design (Graduate School of Film and Digital Media, KOR) VR film production course (Korean Academy of Film Arts / KAFA NEXT+ D ) 5G x XR Content Creator course (Korea Creative Content Agency, KOCCA) Director of the 're-Ality' studio exploring another possibility of reality.


VR film <CinemaTech>, <Peace Makers>, <Re:birth>, <Variety Reality>, <I Like You> Exhibition <Tamna Friends> VR-log / Content Korea Lab Jeju 2022 VR MV <Sukhumvit Swimming, ONF> Planning / Korea Creative Content Agency 2020 Short Film <Super Heros>, <The Portrait of Ego>, <Can You Here Me> Documentary <<JUST SCENE#vol.1>, <Independence Movement Day> MV <The Day I Met You – Flow>

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