Balthazar Auxietre


Balthazar Auxietre is Founder and Creative Director of Innerspace VR, a virtual reality software company. Balthazar Auxietre (b.1985) is a filmmaker and VR creative director from France. A long-time VR enthusiast, Balthazar has directed virtual voyages into the human mind and adventures in ancient history, giving him an unmatched advantage in designing for this new medium.While studying cinematics and new media arts at French universities E.N.S.A.D. and Le Fresnoy – Studio national des arts contemporains, he started to experiment with virtual reality headsets, exploring how to achieve a new kind of immersive storytelling experience. Eidolon, his first step VR project, was released in 2011. Fascinated by the artistic potential of the medium, two other projects arose from his explorations: The Fifth Sleep (2013) and The Cave (2014). In 2014 He founded InnerspaceVR with award-winning multimedia artist and filmmaker Hayoun Kwon. The company is a pioneering studio dedicated to producing entertainment and interactive content exclusively in VR. Today with InnerspaceVR, he continues to drive his exploration of the medium with multiple projects and collaborations.

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