KIM Jinmoo


For more than a decade, he has made many short films, independent films, and commercials. The black-and-white independent film "Holiday" depicts the despair and sadness of those left in Tae-an after the oil spill, and "The Apostles" deals with the human rights of the North Korean underground church members.


2010 independent feature <The Holiday> 95min Screenplay/ Director
- 2010 Daejeon Independent Film Festival : Grand Prize Award
- 2010 Seoul Independent Film Festival : Feature Competition
- 2011 Seoul Environmental Film Festival : Aveda Korea Competition, 2014 feature film <Apostle> 112min Screenplay/ Director
- Screening at the Australian Parliament
- Screening at the British Parliament
- Screening at the National Assembly of Korea
- Official competition at the Estonian Black Knights International Film Festival
- 2014 Seoul International Agape Film Festival : Christian film Award, 2014 <The Youth> 125min Screenplay/ Director
- Screenings at the Hong Kong Korean Film Festival, 2020 Short film <A letter from galaxy in Untact Era> Screenplay/ Director
- 2022 SF Independent feature <Mind Universe> Screenplay/ Director