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Over the past years, XR contents have been developed remarkably both in quantity and in quality. Maybe this only could be possible thanks to a media channel which facilitated access to the information of those contents. For this Trend Report, Mr. Mathieu Gayet, co-founder of will tell us about its background and its goals.
FYI, had set up back in 2018 with a blog format. Since then, has evolved itself into a key player in delivering industry trends and news. In their XR Magazine, many important XR contents and artists got coverage with timely manner. They are also preparing an all inclusive database for XR and you can find more information at the clip.
Before we move on,
This video was recorded at the end of 2020.
The result of "XRMust XR Awards 2020: A Year in Immersive Storytelling" was announced in January 4, 2021.
BIFAN appeared twice back in July 2020 and in November 2020 through XR Magazine.
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